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Our Web Expert Team

Omakr Bhatula - CEO / Webdesigner

15+ Year Exp.

Omkar’s thorough knowledge of design, as well as his keen interest in visual communication, lends itself to just about every type of service that Rutuja provides. This includes web and print design, branding, illustration and media. His passion for a wide variety of visual mediums gives him the drive to master new challenges and match specific needs with unique and effective design solutions. Dave has served as an integral proponent for quality design at Rutuja Creation since 2003 and continues to stay up to date with current design practices. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design from the University of County India.

Umesh Panchal - SEO Copywriting / PPC / Social Media Specialist

7+ Year Exp.

Umesh manages the SEO team & monitors the ongoing SEO projects. He is a specialist in the field of SEO and his expertise regarding SEM, SMM, PPC and Digital Marketing has made him a vital member of our team. He has developed a keen understanding of both the major algorithms used in search and the most effective strategies for them. Umesh is consistent in his SEO education and news, reading industry blogs a day, participating in on-going training, and creating case studies for new ranking procedures. He holds a Computer Engineers degree from the Gujarat University and is working with the company for more than 4 years. His dedication and honesty has contributed substantially in the development of the company.

Name - Web Developer

10+ Year Exp.

As a long time web developer my primary focuses today are code standards, user experience, and scalability. Having so many years of active programming has allowed me to experience tons of different code styles and design patterns both good and bad. I absolutely love being able to leverage new and upcoming technologies to create user experiences that are exciting, easy to understand and allow the site grow exponentially.

Alpesh Mehta - Web Designer

6+ Year Exp.

Alesh administrates the Web Design team & monitors the ongoing Web Design projects. He is a qualified web designer and has successfully completed Graphic & Web Design from Arena Multimedia Ahmedabad. He is an expert in CSS, Html, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, and CorelDraw.

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